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My brother's wife is a very sweet woman, who is pretty calm, but she is a very . I used to stay with my cousins and saw my aunt spank them.

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Jan 30, - Life Growing Up Was Absolutely Horrible For Her Cousin! "The worst parenting I've ever witnessed in public involved my boyfriend. .. She yelled at him and told him that she would spank him if he didn't calm down and he. Jul 8, - On the first day of a two week vacation, I saw my spoiled 10 year old cousin tell his mother, his older female cousin, his aunt and his.

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Jun 7, - Maybe ago I saw her in the bus. thing she told me (after not seeing each other for maybe 30 years) was "Did you know I have a brother? Aug 1, - Some states also have addressed child witnessing of domestic violence. . child, grandchild, brother or sister or by marriage as a parent-in-law, .. member or discipline of a child, including spanking, in a reasonable manner.

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Sep 29, - Spanking one's children should not be used as a disciplinary method, though I've witnessed my uncle use force on my cousins when they. Apr 8, - Police said others in the room witnessed the entire incident, including a Cops ARREST abusive dad seen viciously whipping teen daughters in viral My cousin got parts of his body burned to a crisp messing around with . @Luvie, my granny would spank my brothers and sisters with an extension cord.