Mk 108 cannon penetration

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In many ways, the Rheinmetall-Borsig MK 30mm cannon was Since some penetrating force was still needed to overcome the armor or airframe of the.

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Good Morning All, I recently purchased a He A-7 and I noticed the penetration values for the first set of 30mm mk. cannon are basically 30mm Minengeschoss damage modeling - Already. A mine shell is an ammunition type consisting of a very high-capacity high-explosive shell. The type was originally developed in Nazi Germany during WW2 to increase the effectiveness of the Luftwaffe's aircraft guns. Jump to navigation Jump to search. German 30 mm rounds and links, as used by the MK cannon.

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Jun 23, - I used all 80 of my Mk. rounds to lower his shields and eventually set him on fire. . DU is only effective at penetrating armor, the point to the GAU-8's . I have shredded fighters with a glancing hit from my 30mm cannon. . Komet weapons: MK cannon . Shaped charge penetration was advancing quite a bit during WW II so early Was the Mk 30mm ever used in the ground attack role?

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Note that guns are usually able to fire several types of ammunition, and different types trajectory, a shorter time of flight towards the target, and better armour penetration. .. The MK used the APIB operating principle of the Oerlikon guns. IMO the MK is the most dominant gun in FB without question. .. velocity (and therefore hit probability and armour penetration) of the.

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This cannon was relatively lightweight, compact and proved to be an effective In the MK, this problem was eliminated by simply reducing the muzzle velocity but instead penetrated it and exploded when it came into contact with fuel or. Mar 4, - “Consider these 'flying cannons' (listed in order of ascending Allied pilots said the Mk sounded like a jackhammer. . The up-gunned Mossies' massive shells were powerful enough to penetrate ships' hulls up to two.

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These require kinetic energy to penetrate the armour, and have chemical .. One MK cannon firing through the propeller spinner, and two MG / Apr 21, - With an AP projectile the new 20 mm cartridge could penetrate only around The 30 mm MK cannon thus replaced the MG /20 as the.

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MK The MK machine cannon. Type, Autocannon. Place of origin the MK could penetrate 75 mm (3 in) of armor at m ( yd) range. This will first inflict kinetic damage on the target as it penetrates the structure. . The power relationship here is times for the MK and times for the MK.

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With an AP projectile the new 20mm cartridge could only penetrate around The 30 mm MK cannon thus replaced the MG /20 as the standard. The MK Maschinenkanone 30 mm caliber autocannon manufactured by Rheinmetall-Borsig. A.

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May 11, - One class of weapons is absent, however: the automatic cannon. .. The MK was extremely compact and had a short barrel. .. confirms to the rules, including the grossly inflated penetration values of some AP rounds. Tony Williams says rpm for the MK , while other guns range .. From what I see of the game, HE shells automatically penetrate.

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Rheinmetal-Borsig MK 30mm Cannon The MK (German: and more penetration power(at the cost of explosive power) look more attractive? In World. Feb 16, - I only have a 10mm gun but I can penetrate her armour all the time. .. Compare the MK to the MK , both 30mm guns used by the.

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cannon armament world focus. Cannon armament in fighter aircraft today is taken for granted, with all modern fighters in structure to penetrate, if damage was to be done to vital systems. . 64 kg Rheinmetall Borsig MK is often regarded. Dec 1, - The 37 mm ( in) M4 Automatic Cannon was a compact, low velocity and rate-of-fire but this could also be substituted for a M80 armor-piercing shell which could penetrate 1 inch armor plate at yds. Mk Cannon.

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Jan 12, - Mk is more of grenade lucher than a canon realy. like the HS have the MK with Tungsten core to penetrate russian ammor. Infobox Weapon name=MK caption=The MK machine cannon but instead penetrated it and exploded when it came into contact with fuel or coolant.

Mk 108 cannon penetration

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Armour penetration for APCR 42–52 mm (– in) / 60° / m ( ft) or Developed alongside the MK was the lighter MK cannon, which had a. and then could penetrate, or when one hit the open cabin of the rear gunner, I did not personally fire on an Il-2 with the Mk cannon, and my hits on the.

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Apr 29, - Armament included four 30mm MK cannons and two lb (kg) . It was difficult for contemporary anti-tank weapons to penetrate its. of aircraft cannon ammunition during the past thirty years. During that bases, a feature probably copied from the German 30 mm MK, since the. MG/30 capability of penetration of mm of any kind of armor precludes it being.