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The first time you have vaginal sex, it may hurt, or feel good, or both. There might be pain and bleeding the first time a penis or fingers go into your vagina, but it.

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Feb 26, - During vaginal sex the penis goes into the vagina. . Having vaginal sex without using a condom, even if it's your first time, means you run the. Jul 21, - What Sex Feels Like For A Woman For The First Time, According To 8 Women, I know that I was terrified of vaginal intercourse before I did it.

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Jan 6, - Typical questions looked like this: “My boyfriend and I started having sex for the first time, and I was still a virgin. When he put it in, it hurt really. Oct 15, - Reasons why women may experience vaginal discomfort or pain during intercourse or Sexual Intercourse or Penetration for the First Time.

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Some women will bleed after having sex for the first time, while others won't. The hymen is a thin piece of skin that partially covers the entrance to the vagina. Nov 21, - I was in your position and talked to some people and did some research, and what I discovered is that the supposed pain can almost always be.

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Jump to Prepare your mind - In order to achieve vaginal orgasm, you should first relax and enjoy the process. Allow yourself to fully experience sex and its. Sep 5, - In my near decade as a sex educator, this is one of the most common questions I hear from people Often vaginal orgasms feel subtle at first.

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The hymen is a thin tissue that stretches across the opening of the vagina and Some girls may bleed the first few times they have sex, others once, and some. Jan 16, - Others think that you're no longer a virgin after you've had your first can tell whether someone with a vagina has had sex by looking at their.

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Aug 15, - "I guess technically my first vagina was when I walked in on my mom's I remember thinking since the clothes were coming off, sex was going. Nov 16, - Does your vagina feel sore after sex? There are several talk to your doctor. How to prevent pain in the future: Foreplay is a great first step.

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Apr 22, - To make the most out of your first experience, you may want to worry about discomfort or pain the first time they have vaginal intercourse, not. Jul 20, - What It's Like to Have Sex for the First Time After Transitioning but that first experience of sex with a vagina is one that has stayed with her.